MonthSeptember 2002

This is hilarious. It is an advertisement for a car.
It’s way too funny. The file is zipped. A 2.75 MB download. 30 seconds long.

Thanks to Thom for sending it to me.


If you don’t find it funny, I’ll give you your money back…

quote of the day:

Rule #1: Look at Rule #2.
Rule #2: If for any reason you think you can’t look at Rule #2, go back to Rule #1.

my comments on the quote: I came up with it…

I downloaded Real Player for linux…
it’s pretty good.
Play’s audio clearly.
Now onto Basil’s site to to test the video…

Yaser gave me this link today:
MSN for Linux
the program needs some improvements, but it’s pretty good

I have installed
Apache Web Server
MySQL Server
PHP Scripting Language

onto the linux parition. I had installed these on WinXP, but compiling them on Linux has a whole different feeling to it…


I am also in the process of downloading Red Hat Linux 7.3.
The 7.0 version is far too old. I wanna keep up with the times.
Actually most of the software for linux that’s available for download wouldn’t properly function of the Red Hat 7.0 kernel.
The easiest thing to do is to download 7.3

It’s on 3 CDs, that’s 650 * 3 MB. That’s huge…
I’m done downloading the first and the third cd…
and waiting for the second one…

It’s all free…


This is a very amazing product. It’s Mandrake Linux, that boots off a CD, and runs off the CD. It’s an entire operating system that runs off a CD.

simply amazing…

The computer needs no harddrives…

It installs itself into the RAM, which is cleared when you restart your computer.

This is perfect for showing someone Linux without actually having to install it.

It’s a 650 MB download. Yes, I downloaded it.

hey, it’s free…

I’m making this post from Red Hat linux 7.0 and netscape 7.0
I’m pretty impressed with linux and I like the way it works
I still have a lot to learn about it
but it’s a very neat and interesting operating system
it’s free, most of the software that works on linux is free
Only MSN doesn’t work on linux, but AIM, yahoo, ICQ etc work.
I’ve partitioned my harddrive and I’m running a windowsXP and linux dual boot
I’ll post more about linux inshallah as I learn about it…

Interesting article written by a Reverand:

Christians Can Learn Much From the Quran

my timetable is up for my first semester


back in Toronto…
school starts in a couple of days…
life is going to get real busy…

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