DateMarch 24, 2002

I went to the airport today to drop off my brother in law, who was going to New York.
It was about 3:30PM, guess who walks into the airport? None other than Michael Jordan. I also saw, Chris Whitney, Popeye Jones, Jahadi White and one really tall guy.
My brother noticed Michael, but he didn’t go to get an autograph. Even though my brother had a pen and pad with him. By the time I saw Mike, he was going into the area where they don’t allow everyone. Oh well….

I added more options on the site menu.
“links I like”
“other bloggers”
And soon I’ll add a guest book, inshallah…

This is interesting. CBC REPORT about Israeli raids of Palestinian refugee camps. It’s a real video clip.
What intrigues me is that fact that Isreali media is more open than the American media.
Now there should be no chants about Arab media being controlled and censored.
CNN is pretending like this never happened. It boggles the mind.

I just added an about me section on the side menu.
It has information about me.

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