Hi, I’m Adnan.

I don’t think we have met.
And even if we have met,
I don’t think we have met.

I do not believe in magic but I do believe in a pure state of astonishment, one that cannot only be witnessed by jaw drops, gasps, claps or silences, but one that I witness in your eyes. I believe in making people laugh and I believe in letting people cry. I believe in fostering creativity, innovation and collaboration. I believe in using things beyond what they were meant for. I believe in calling out bullshit, because life is too short for bullshit. I believe in being called out when I bullshit. I believe in failing and I believe in second and third chances.

I believe in good storytelling and word play. I believe that time travel is a fascinating concept. I believe in simplicity and I believe that simplicity requires thought. I believe that all jewelry is artificial. I believe in watching birds and snails and chasing butterflies and grasshoppers. I believe in drum beats and old Hindi songs. I believe in the Internet. I believe in acceptance over tolerance.

Hi, I’m Adnan and I plan on doing very many things.

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