DateMay 12, 2002

I’ve made a really cheesy comments program. I’m testing it out.
I will keep working on it to make it better.

I wonder:
There must have been quite a few people with the last name Hitler in the 1930s and 40s. Poor fellas, they probably had to change their family name (which they may have had for centuries) just because some dude Adolf Hitler went on a wild killing spree. Imagine though, if someone was named James Hitler, and James goes for an interview. Hah, can you imagine? “Hi, my name is Mr.Hitler, believe me I’m real good at math.” Yeah right, this dude won’t get hired if this life depended on it.

I also wonder why I wonder things like this.

Quote of the day:

Adnan’s First Law:

What goes up, will stay up, unless it comes down. Adnan Ali (1983-present)

My comments on the quote: That’s a wise person who said that…

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