DateOctober 26, 2003

Ramadan Mubarak

To all people who speak a language other than English: Ramadan Mubarak.

To all people who only speak English: Ramadabadaman Mubarak.

(No, I don’t mean to make fun of Ramadan, I’m just spelling it as I would visualize George Bush saying it).


Hello, what is this?

An idea, a thought.

A thought? How can that be? Could it be my own? I haven’t been thinking for a long time. What can explain the presence of this thought?

I am confused, bewildered and even more confused than the first confused in this sentence.

I have seen this somewhere before. Great, now I have to google my mind. As if being confused wasn’t bad enough.

Found. I saw this in a cartoon, an idea in a cartoon.

That’s right, I turned on a light bulb.

Wasn’t me after all.

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