MonthMay 2004


person 1 : you should start marketing that idea, you’d make a killing!
adnan : isn’t that what got me in jail in the first place?


being stupid is easy,
just watch me.


In response to Adidas:
Impossible is not possible,
Inflammable is flammable.


Is everything okay? You look awful. If you died right there people wouldn’t notice the difference.

old adnanisms

before I brought back the MT blog, I had a bunch of quotes up on a page. (I hadn’t named them Adnanisms back then).

Some of them are good, some are outright cheesy (those ones aren’t really Adnanisms, of course).

Waleed asked me to put that page back up, so here it is:

Old Adnanisms Link

mad human

If a cannibal ate you, he’d have mad human disease.
If a cow ate you, it’d have mad human disease.


If I look sleepy while I’m talking to you, that’s only because you’re a boring person.

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