DateFebruary 8, 2007


no really, seriously.

I finally did it. At least to some extent. I spent a day at work being serious. I loved it. It’s so much nicer being different than what you’re perceived to be. Specially when you know what you’re really like.

But it’s not a piece of cake. Because it’s so easy sometimes to get reactions by saying that odd sentence, making that facial expression or gesturing with the hands. It’s tempting. I know exactly what I’m saying and what I’m doing, and most of the times I know exactly what reaction I’m going to get. Although sometimes it backfires… : … I need to be more careful. no really, I need to be more careful.

I just need my mind to be free and not feel the need to do anything. Not feel the need to be serious or funny or magical. Just let things happen as they come. But most of all to be who I think I am, and do what I think I’m capable of.


okay so the site is back up… was down for about a week.

I need to update this more often. So much interesting stuff going on in my mind that I should get into words on the web.

Review old and new movies, and hopefully watch some along the way.

Do more self-analysis bits, see if I’ve done any of the stuff I said I would do, or wouldn’t do.

Okay, need to update. good… somewhat…

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