DateMarch 9, 2008

sunday ted: rives poem

I bumped into TED and Def Poetry when I was in India last May. Now I don’t remember whether TED got me to Def Poetry or whether Def Poetry got me to TED, it’s all fuzzy. But either way, there’s awesome clips in both.

This is something that bridges the gap: [direct link for you rss feed folk]

reviewing movies

I like watching movies. I like watching good movies even more.

I remember a time when I actually built an entire system to allow me to review movies. I even designed it to allow multiple users. It would grab all the movie details from IMDB, all you had to do was enter the imdb url, and it would grab the actors, director, year, language, length etc etc… It was pretty neat for what it was back then. This was in 2004.

I think I reviewed 15 odd movies before being sucked into work and leaving the blogging world behind. Methinks I shall pull in some of those old reviews into this blog.

I was trying to get the movie review site back up, but it was giving me technical issues. meh…

I’ve been watching movies again lately, more than before. What’s with movies starting slow and picking up a little steam later on? (Gone Baby Gone, 13 Conversations, and a few others I’ve seen lately). I want to see a movie that captures my attention right at the start and keeps up the pace. Not that there’s anything wrong with slow movies (I loved Gerry, but that was slow all the way along). But there’s something else about the well paced movies… Fight Club, The Bourne Identity, Company come to mind, where I’m sold on the movie within 10 to 15 minutes.

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