DateAugust 5, 2008

something sweet

and what of those who steal fruit? just to taste something sweet…

nasha hai

kabhi mehfil
to kabhi tanhaa hai.
kabhi jaadu
to kabhi nasha hai.

koi nahin

kaun nahin?
kaun kaun nahin?
kaun kahaan nahin?
kaun yahaan nahin?
kisne kya kahaa?
kisne kya kahaa nahin?
kisne kuch kahaa?
kisne kehdiya nahin?
kaun ayaa nahin?
kaun jataa nahin?
kisne sunaa?
kisne dekha nahin?
koi nahin…
koi nahin.


locked in my mind
not a word i can say
to make it right
or to make it wrong again

sink and dishes

if you always go for the kitchen sink, you’ll find yourself stuck doing dishes…

time and tide

the tide stands still
as i wait for time
the tide follows time
waiting for no one

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