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donnie darko

From 2003:

Name: Donnie Darko
Directed By: Richard Kelly
Written By: Richard Kelly
Type: Drama, Science Fiction
Year: 2001
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, James Duval

I won’t even begin explaining anything about this movie.
Jake Gyllenhaal was brilliant. The story makes you think.
One of the best of 2001.

When you’re done watching this movie your mind will say “whao”, out loud.
And if it doesn’t, then I’ll give you your money back or you are stupid.

Rating: 8.5/10
If you liked Jake’s acting, pick up “October Sky”

ek chalis ki last local

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local (2007)

I saw this when I was in Mumbai last year. This movie goes along the vein of the Pulp Fiction/Snatch type films but it’s not a rip off, it’s inspired by those films. I liked it.

The characters were off the top and the situations absurd; making for one crazy movie.

I don’t get people, what’s with all the Abhay Deol hating? He did fine in this movie, and so did Neha Dhupia. Good on them for choosing to do the movie.


no country for old men

No Country For Old Men (2008)

I liked this movie, I liked the performances. Brolin and Bardem were great. It wasn’t the best thing since toasted subs, but it was good.

The scene at the gas station store was just plain creepy/freaky, much like Chigurh himself. I don’t need all my movies to have some form of redemption, I’m okay with a movie telling a story from point A to point B.

I didn’t mind the slowness or the lack of music (see Gerry). And what’s with all this talk about the ending? The ending was fine.

  • The coin don’t have no say. It’s just you.

  • Point bein’, even in the contest between man and steer the issue is not certain.



Hunger (2008)

The first thing in the film that stands out is the use of sound. There is no music, none that I noticed. Every sound bit seemed to have been heightened. Shoe steps, doors closing, and everything else. It reminded me of Gerry.

I didn’t know much about the IRA or Bobby Sands before watching this film, and I can’t say I know much now. I’ll have to read up a bit on that.

Visceral, that is how I could described most of the scenes in the movie. That is how I’d describe most of the movie. There is very little dialogue and the pace is very slow (again, reminding me of Gerry), but the imagery is very powerful in most instances.

The conversation scene between Sands and the priest was very well placed, clocking in at about 18 minutes in a single take. It did take me a while to adjust to the accent and certain words I missed out completely.

I don’t know much about the story, so I can’t comment on that. The film has its flaws but is very well made.


whale rider

From 2003:

Name: Whale Rider
Directed By: Niki Caro
Written By: Witi Ihimaera (novel), Niki Caro (screenplay)
Type: Drama
Year: 2002
Starring: Keisha Castle-Hughes, Rawiri Paratene, Vicky Haughton

Set in New Zealand, Whale Rider is about Paikea Apirana (Castle-Hughes) who has to overcome certain aspects of the Maori culture. She also strives to gain the respect and recognition of her grandfather Koro (Rawiri Paratene).

Yaser dragged me along to watch this movie, and I’m glad I went. The overall theme might be cliche but the movie itself was anything but; a very real movie with great performances. Keisha Castle-Hughes’ performance has to be one of the best child performances ever; she does a great job to capture the complexities of Paikea’s character. Definitely worthy of an Oscar. I wonder how she will adapt to the characters in her future movies.

Don’t miss this movie. If you are the emotional type then bring along your handkerchief or tissue papers because you’ll shed a couple of tears. Yaser alone cried enough to fill up a medium Sprite glass (please don’t try and confirm this with Yaser). I didn’t shed a tear however, but an emotional movie nonetheless and a very emotional performance by the cast.


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