DateFebruary 11, 2010

coca cola – open happiness

Really? Open happiness? Fuck you, Coke.

that, and the postage costs were unbearable

i wrote you a series of letters
that i never sent to you.
i recently burned them
and it felt good.
well, i rolled ‘em into joints
and smoked them.
which is probably why
it felt so good.

zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

i drive fairly safe,
though i still constantly fear
that my brakes will fail

kindness haiku redux

old lady insists
for me to remain seated
my stop passes by

i totally dig you

whatever you want
to call that spade
is irrelevant.
you are still
digging your grave
with it.

sans apologie

you are still
and i am still

like, way better

i could have
said it better
(but i never did.)

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