MonthMarch 2010

So, how many wrongs do make a right?


To slip is natural; to fall is fate.

You’ll learn, sooner or later. Maybe not at all. I think that covers all the possible options.


and in search for direction and guidance,
i walked into the buddhist temple
asking where i could find
the nearest gas station.

If I died, I would be very very upset. It would ruin my day.

Even time might not tell.

Slowly you put on shades of comfort, leaving yourself naked.

I’d love you to death, but I’m afraid it might kill you.


I like potatoes.

I don’t disagree just to disagree; I disagree when I am in disagreement.


I like mushrooms.

Whenever faced with two conflicting interpretations, I follow the school of thought that says mine is correct.

toronto, my love

i love this city, it’s been said.
it’s a beautiful city, i’ve been told.
toronto has been very kind,
but it has also been very cold.


mirrors do not help
i have forgotten
who to look for.

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