MonthJanuary 2011

the most honest love poem (and also an anthem for the non-committal)

one thing
i promise you
is that
i love you
right now.

Life seems like a likely story.


i want people to laugh. uncontrollably.
but i want to feel as if i am controlling it.

i don’t want to be told how amazing i am.
which i am.

i want people to shower me with praises
through smiles and smirks,
through giggles and guffaws,
through belly laughs their bellies can’t stand.

i want people to laugh so honestly
that they feel embarrassed about their laughter.

oh, sweet validation.
that’s the spot.
don’t stop.

i don’t think this is too much to ask for.

when i die,
i want a few to say, ‘he was an asshole,’
and a few to say ‘he was a friend.’
yes, extra points for saying both.

A colourless life still has shades.

Humans fish for sheep.


i wait with my breath unabated.
because, you know, i want to live.

Am I on a roll or is the roll on me?

I was playing the world’s smallest violin, and it broke.

There are no spaces between spoken words.


when i dream,
i shoot for the moon.
in my last dream
i shot the moon down.
it is here with us now.
and it is terribly bored.


why do you love me so, asked the moon.
were the earth at this distance,
i would love it, too,
i answered.

I can’t hear everyone all at once, or even twice.

I don’t think you understand how funny I was.

A wedding invitation is an invitation to a wedding, not an invitation to be wed.

The wolf doesn’t care if you cry wolf in the wolf’s part of town.

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