MonthMarch 2011

It occurs to me sometimes late in conversations to ask the other person how they are doing.

up here.

your name came up
and it made me happy.
though i am not sure
how exactly
it got all the way
up here.

Planning on going or going on planning?


Ladies and gentlemen, we are interrupting your inflight entertainment system to inform you that it exists. Thank you for flying with Obvious Airlines. We get you where this plane is going.


it is one thing to say
it is not right for me.
a whole other to say
this is not how it should be.


I said “teri aankhon ke siva
duniya mein rakha kya hai?”
And she made me a list.


i do not want to be afraid to fail at things
that my heart is truly in.

toque me to the ballgame

i must buy a toque,
it’s winter now.
i know what you’re thinking,
“isn’t it always winter in canada?!”
yes, this is true.
it is always winter here.
but we have warm winters and cold winters.
the cold one is now upon us.

i must buy a toque,
it’s cold winter now.

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