Food for thought makes me hungrier.


When I am sad I can’t just turn it off. I can’t become awesome or amazing instead. Instead, I feel it. I feel the sadness almost as if it is spreading through my body. I sit with my sadness; I ponder upon it. I ask myself “how” and I ask myself “why?” I don’t pretend that my sadness is something else. As much as I can, I try and own my sadness. Then I carry on with the rest of my day.

Excellent timing is a virtue, patience is just luck.

Consider me as a pair of disconnected ears.

Say what you will about what you will say.


row, row, row your boat
tumultuously upstream.
holy, holy, holy shit!
the dream ain’t what it seems.

Juggling one thing at once isn’t really juggling.

Everything that happens could not have not happened.

That was originally my idea, I thought of it before you said it out loud.

One of the ways to be true to yourself is to be as vague as possible.

blah + blah = blah blah


Idea: A URL shortener that 5% of the times sends you to a random site.

Dancing in the wind causes the wind to dance.

There are too many things and they are everywhere.

Why is this spelt that way?

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