MonthMay 2012

do unto others.

The Golden Rule. I’ve always thought it odd and lacking.

First, not everyone loves gold the same. The Golden Rule comes with promises it cannot deliver.

It is a self-centered rule.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

This is much too problematic. Instead of putting yourself in the shoes of others, you have put others in your shoes. There is hubris in this rule, a sense of overreaching self-righteousness. Not everyone wants a pony.

Another modification, taking into consideration the issues above says:

Do unto others as what they would like done unto them.

Or something like that.

This is far too selfless for me. It would be dishonest of me to abide by such a rule. But I can’t claim that I have any better rules to offer. I tread along like one who stumbles, ungracefully threading my steps along vague guidelines.

Do unto others as is consented.

There is no I in team, but there is a nap in snap.

If you love being right it is important to recognize when you are wrong.

Conventional wisdom says a lot of stupid things, I think we should change some of it.

Chance favours everyone, with differing odds.

at heart.

It takes time to admit, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about myself in the last few years, it is that while I am at heart a dreamer, I am also at heart a coward.


smiles, tears
and our wildest fears,
dreams are made of these.

sweat and blood
all soaked in mud,
dreams are made of these.

and a few sweet lies,
dreams are made of these.

wandering streets
and silly heart beats,
dreams are made of these.

dog food

In the computer world “eating your own dog food” is the phrase used to indicate the notion of using the product(s) that you make.

It is this that I do with this blog.

Bit by bit.
Bit by bit.

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