MonthMay 2013

I do not forgive and I do not forget. Actually, that’s not true. Sometimes I do forgive, but then I end up forgetting that I’ve forgiven.

Whenever people say, “it doesn’t matter.” I say, “it matters to me.” And now it matters.

If not for my mind I would be out of my mind.

this summer.

we were told it wouldn’t
be cold this time of the
year. how long does the
weather last with renewed
times and recasted weather

i have no time for what
forecasts say. the weather
is all around me. but it’s
hard to see what it would be,
the speeds of days confound
my thought processes.

if i could just rinse and
condense then think and
extend my thoughts today,
would i see tomorrow
better? maybe. maybe not.
but not tomorrow’s weather.

i really should have
read my forecast this
summer. it fit right into
a tweet. it said: your
summer this summer, even
with the heat, will
be quite bittersweet.

oh, but i insist.

i look at my hands
back and forth,
and again,
to bear witness
to my own existence.

so it is.


I don’t want to change the world. I want to change the word.


I sometimes get confused between my dreams and the thoughts that I have while my eyes are closed. Sometimes they just seem to blur into one another.

I was holding a nondescript book. I didn’t see the title, the cover seemed rather plain. I was just about to open the book when some one or something went by me and pulled the book out of my hands.

I woke up as the book was being pulled and while awake I felt it leave my fingertips.

I am a human, not a machine. I don’t have to follow your rules.

I want overnight success and I want it by the end of the day.

You can’t have your bakery and eat it, too.

I think there are many truths, but some truths are truer than other truths.

I would have a tremendous identity crisis if half my friends didn’t believe I existed.

Ignorance makes the world go flat.

The night is dark and full of hunger.

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