MonthJanuary 2015

I just might try my hand at writing somethings here and there again.

ahista ahista.


walking along the annex at night,
piercing wind against my face,
i looked towards the sky
mistaking every glowing bulb
atop every street light
for the moon.


i am not expecting to
have my cake and eat it, too.

all i want is one slice.
like, even a small slice would do.

i won’t even finish the whole thing,
i’d take at most a bite or two.

i’m really only mostly window shopping,
i am not here to take over your bakery.


I am so in love with reality. Both when it is good and bad to me. I am not high on life, but I am high on the notion of living. Both when it is painful and when it is delightful.

Reality has a texture. It has a sense to it that I can sense. I can run my fingers against the edges of reality and just take it in.

I accept and love reality for what it is.

It is, indeed, this relationship with reality that gives me a great appreciation for it. It gets me through the rough and easy times. It helps me create these times. That is where I want to be. A part of creating the times around me.

I accept and love reality for what I can make it.

The world is so beautiful.
So beautiful.
So beautiful.

If life was like a box of chocolates, I would have finished it by now.

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