DateDecember 1, 2015


the past has clearly come and gone,
yet the past has barely passed.
the past is but a dream;
a dream i never had.

let’s recall the moments gone,
what was said and heard?
try and fail a time or two,
the charm is in the third.

who speaks for past memories
when no one says a word?
we find ourselves slowly
just walking with the herd.

the night is all but gone
and it wasn’t even sad.
i look toward the day to dream
a dream i never had.

khul ja.

you stood there silently
holding open
the gates of heaven.

i stood there motionless
never realizing
that it was for me.

your hands tired
and heaven had sent
all the doorstops
to the other side.

© 2019 jaadu hai

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