I haven’t posted anything in a long while. My exams are coming up. They end when April ends. So I shall be a free bird after April. Inshallah.
I’ll try and learn CGI and other neat things to further the developement of this site…

I’m impressed. CNN is showing part of what is actually happening. This is a first.
They showed a report on how Israeli Soldiers are shooting at reporters.
And how Israeli Soldiers are treating Palestinians like prisoners in their own land.
Now who will deny this? Even CNN showed it.

There is a picture circulating the internet which shows a plane crashing into the Ka’bah.
I didn’t put it on the main page because I think that Muslims will feel uncomfortable seeing it.
I uploaded the picture and made comments on it. You can find it HERE.

A friend of mine was discussing how Nostradamus predicted the World Trade Center attacks. Now I rejected this notion upon hearing it. I had done some readings on Nostradamus a few years back, and with like any other “future teller”, his predictions are so vague they can be applied almost anywhere. I refuse to fall for such traps. I refuse to accept the notion that a man centuries ago predicted it with precise accuracy. Please!!! Who’re they trying to fool?
Anyway, I found THIS ARTICLE which deals with some of these “prophecies”. Enjoy.