bowling madness

Yes, we bowled again!

I have fun each and everytime I go. And that’s not only because I’m better than the rest, okay fine. It’s only because I’m better than the rest.

This time I was able to try some new things, which gave me an idea on what I should do next time.

We had 8 people this time so we took two lanes and 4 per lane. From the outset we had problems with the lanes they gave us. Firstly, my lane’s scorekeeping was messed up, I strated with two 9s and they turned into a 6 and an 8 and it was all messed up. So we didn’t record the scores for the first game for my group.

In the middle, there came a point where the balls got stuck, the wouldn’t return from the machine. So we simply got more balls from elsewhere and kept on bowling, this unfortuneately turned into a bigger problem because none of the balls were returned. Eventually the thing got stuck and someone had to come to fix it. Now at that point, I had a strike, and I lost the strike benefits because the dude who came to fix all this had to send down a few gutter balls. Oh well stuff happens.

Now, we come to an interesting part. Ravin (whose last name shall remain unpublished, mainly because I can’t remember it) is evil. Very evil. In the 3rd game and was getting comfortable with the ball I was using, mid way through the game Ravin started using my ball! We were timed to go during the same time. Now if that wasn’t evil enough, he used the ball for both attempts in each frame! Didn’t even let me use the ball for my second attempt. Needless to say this hindered my progress and I had to get comfortable with another ball. And that ball was stolen by John. But that’s another story for another day. Ravin is still evil.

Now for the scores!
Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Total Average
John 64 84 88 – 236 79
Andrew 53 78 70 – 201 67
Ravin 63 58 113 – 234 78
Kevin 87 107 75 – 269 90
Adnan – 83 118 88 289 96
Joshua – 74 82 55 211 70
Phil – 62 56 97 215 72
Gary – 64 41 40 145 48