it’s just sound, that thunder

So I find myself in the careers section of Chapters. Paramount (now Scotia) Theatres is just a stone throw away, maybe I should be watching a movie? Not this time, oddly I’m searching for a book.

What Color is your Parachute?. What color is my parachute? I’m not too sure. I have a fair idea. But it’s not definitive, there are so many directions I feel I can go.

I wasn’t looking for it, but the book that caught my eye was The Pathfinder. So I bought that as well. Now I suppose I have to read.

So what’s on my mind nowadays you ask? That’s all that’s on my mind. I feel I need a clear direction. I need to be defined.

lost in brain

sometimes I will think.

sometimes I create thought.

I will think of solutions to problems, I will create scenarios, I will develop quotes and I will think of magic.

Now, I would think that the thoughts that my brain generates, it will also retain. Such is not the case. I will devise awesome quotes while I drive or on the subway ride or at a boring event. I even think to myself, “when I get to a computing device, I must blog this wondrous thought and then marvel at my achievement”. Yes, I think that exact thought… in those exact words. Everytime.

But when the moment arrives, when I find myself in front of the qwerty, my brain is blank. It has failed me. My thoughts flow away like tears from my brain. Blank.

It’s odd, these are not thoughts of some other person, not words that were said to me. These are my thoughts, my words, developed in my brain. Where do they go? Why are they lost? How can I get them back?

What I need is a brain recording device. This device would always be listening but not always recording. Recording would be triggered by a thought, or by some keyword thought, like “marvel at my achievement”. Once recording has been triggered, I think, it records. Then it stops recording after the thought has ended. This recording is properly then archived so that it may be retrieved by either date, time, location or subject of thought.

The recording device should be no larger or heavier than an iPod nano, and must be able to play my favourite thought formats. Future versions may include the ability to record the thoughts of other people, but there may be legal issues involved, but it’s best not to get into that in the intial prototype.


I’m going to go… and think.

listening to Mukesh…

Note: As I was writing the post, I kept discovering Mukesh songs that I really like that I haven’t heard in a long time. So the list below isn’t really complete. But these are the songs I listen to first if I want to listen to Mukesh songs. End Note.

I’ve been listening to a lot of remixed songs (Hindi) lately. Not one of those, “I’m going to remix my own song that I made 15 minutes ago” songs. But songs that are very very old, 15+ years old.

In either case, I’ve gone back to listening to the real oldies. So when I feel I’m in the mood for Mukesh, I listen to:

Song Name – Film Name

  1. Kahi Door Jab Din – Anand [Listen] [Watch]

Favourite song ever? perhaps. has to be one of the top ones. Maybe the top one. Very possible.

part of the song I enjoy the most:

kabhi yunhin jab huyi bojhal saansen
bhar aayi baithe baithe jab yuhin aankhen
tabhi machal ke, pyaar se chal ke
chhuye koyi mujhe par nazar na aaye, nazar na aaye

“chhuye koyi mujhe par nazar na aaye”, wow. beautiful. best line in hindi movie songs. I doubt I’ll find something better.

Yes, I have this song memorized.

  1. Main Pal Do Pal – Khabhi Khabi [Listen] [Watch]

part of the song I enjoy the most:

kal koi mujhko yaad kare,
kyon koi mujhko yaad kare?
masaroof zamaana mere liye
kyon waqt apna barbaad kare?

Another song committed to memory.

  1. Suhani Chandni Raatien – Mukti [Listen] [Watch]

part of the song I enjoy the most:

kahee ayesaa na ho lag jaaye
dil mein aag paani se
badal le raasataa apanaa
ghataayen meharbaanee se
ke yaadon kee ye barsaatein
humein sonay naheen daytee

It actually took me a while to understand the poetic nature of that stanza.

yes, another memorized song.

  1. Kahi Karti Hogi – Phir Kab Milogi [Listen]

part of the song I enjoy the most:

anything that Mukesh sings in the song. I love the rhythm and the flow of this song. I only have the Mukesh bits of the song memorized.

Not that memorizing a song is an accomplishment, but these are Hindi songs after all…