barely afloat

there’s many mounting reasons
to why these insanities ensue.
there seems to be too much to bear,
thoughts that leave you blue.

streams of water flowing,
many faces red
at the sight of floating livestock
that now float dead.

the spinning blades above
in which sympathizers fly
could otherwise be used
to let hopes rise.

what we see is something else,
we see apathy instead.
and it leaves us wondering why
the world has turned its head

away from all the suffering,
away from those that bleed.
and point fingers of blame instead
in these dire times of need.

“they should help themselves.
they don’t deserve our love.
what has this to do with us?” you say
while drones still fly above.

but there are no operatives here.
and the camps are of those
that need a helping hand
trying not to lose hope.