I was watching Moneyball the other day. The movie is nothing spectacular. In fact, it’s downright cliched in many places. Still a sports film, slightly different slant.

What did strike me during the film was how swept up I was by this sports team that I have absolutely no connection with. They win 20 games in a row in the film and I can feel the changes in my body. I can feel myself rooting for them. It’s not active, in the sense that I’m not exactly jumping up and down. But I can feel quite the change in my feelings. And my feelings are rooting for the team.

There is absolutely no significance or consequence of this team and their 20 wins in a row to my life in any way. And yet, I feel.

Then I have to wonder what the difference is between this story, and the stories for which I don’t feel much. And if I may, extend this to a general us/we. What are those stories that we do not feel much for? And what is the difference?

If we root for this sports team, perhaps because they’ve been labeled the underdog in a certain situation. Why do we not care/cheer for so many non-sports situations?