quantum sleep.

My sleep patterns are all over the place. Always have been. I don’t even make any kind of effort anymore to bring it into control.

However, when I’m at the edge of my wakefulness – when I’m grasping at sleep’s straws – I will often put something on Youtube to help guide me to sleep.

Sometime’s it’s just noise. Simulated sounds of traveling through space in a spaceship.

If I really want to fall asleep, I’ll put on something that I want to meaningfully learn. I’ve been trying to learn to play chess of late. There’s nothing better at putting me to sleep than trying to learn something.

My attempts at focusing will peak my exhaustion and off the switch goes.

I will have fallen but the tubes keep tubing. One video will play after the next. Sometimes it will be other chess videos and at other times it will be entire basketball games from the 90s/00s. Often, it will also be science videos. Something being explained. More things to learn.

The fascinating thing is how the sounds steep themselves into my dreams.

In this one dream I was part of an improv troupe. We were on stage taking suggestions from the audience. I don’t recall the suggestion made, but in the scene we became scientists discussing quantum physics. The scene became quite involved and was a hoot. After the performance, the troupe collected in the backstage lounge. We were just chilling and began to discuss the finer points of quantum physics. We agreed and disagreed with each other while sharing our bewilderment.

I then woke up to a video of a quantum physicist being interviewed.