Yesterday I went to a lecture at the University of Toronto Earth Sciences Auditorium. It was titled “The Logical Proof for the Existance of God”.
The lecturer William Hatcher, is a philosopher, mathamatician, and a list of other things. He has ten pages on notes which he projected on to the wall. I copied down word for word the first 8. Though the notes themselves won’t mean much to people who haven’t heard the lecture.
I’m going to scan and post up the notes sometime today.

This is a really good article. It takes a look at things from a different perspective. A perspective that is direly needed in the atmosphere that has come to be. The article is titled : The Truth Will Set You Free. We must realize that regardless of how much we disagree, we must acknowledge each other’s right to hold an opinion. And those who hold strong opinions must recognize that it is not by aggression or hostilities that minds(or hearts) are changed.

I went to the airport today to drop off my brother in law, who was going to New York.
It was about 3:30PM, guess who walks into the airport? None other than Michael Jordan. I also saw, Chris Whitney, Popeye Jones, Jahadi White and one really tall guy.
My brother noticed Michael, but he didn’t go to get an autograph. Even though my brother had a pen and pad with him. By the time I saw Mike, he was going into the area where they don’t allow everyone. Oh well….