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updating weblogs is so last year…


it is my sincere belief that there are rabbits,
and then there are bunny rabbits.

Which one are you?

Happy new year everybody!

new year’s eve

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Where every year, next year happens.

Where was I at 12 o’clock on new year’s eve you ask?
You don’t care? I’ll tell you anyway.
Being the party animal that I am I was out partying with my friends (well atleast I call them my friends, they may think otherwise, but what do they know?).

Our party was a bit different from your normal count-down parties. We went bowling. I love bowling for various reasons which will in due time become evident.

So at 12 o’clock on new year’s eve, we went bowling (that’s a recap for those who’re a little slow). At 12 PM (Dec 31st) folks not 12 AM (Jan 1st).

We went bowling twice during the summer also, it was a lot of fun. High school friends who I hadn’t met for a long time (apart from our online conversations). After the bowling session we had lunch at a near by Tim Hortons/Wendy’s where I managed to bore the hell out of everyone until they left (or made me leave, you’ll hear different versions of this story from different people).

Without further ado, I have created this convenient table which displays the bowling details:

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Average Spares Strikes

Adnan Dum 140 73 97 310 103 3 5
Brian 80 99 76 255 85 2 2
James 78 89 82 249 83 4 2
John 121 82 73 276 92 3 3
Gary 90 61 46 197 65 3 0
Kevin 80 77 60 217 72 1 2

Now you maybe asking yourself why I’m listed as “Adnan Dum”, let’s just say we didn’t think the “b” would fit.

I love bowling, you may be thinking, “Well that’s because he has the highest score (if that is indeed the true score)”. But I tell you that I don’t just love bowling because I won, but that is the main reason.

There was a point on the last “throw” of the game, I got 3 strikes in a row. Thank you very much.

My friends are great:
Gary:Hey Adnan, how come everytime I see you you’re wearing that Tommy shirt?
Brian: Because he only has one shirt!

I try not to make it too obvious, sometimes I black out the two “mm”s.

Anyway, I has a wonderful time.

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