new year’s eve

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Where every year, next year happens.

Where was I at 12 o’clock on new year’s eve you ask?
You don’t care? I’ll tell you anyway.
Being the party animal that I am I was out partying with my friends (well atleast I call them my friends, they may think otherwise, but what do they know?).

Our party was a bit different from your normal count-down parties. We went bowling. I love bowling for various reasons which will in due time become evident.

So at 12 o’clock on new year’s eve, we went bowling (that’s a recap for those who’re a little slow). At 12 PM (Dec 31st) folks not 12 AM (Jan 1st).

We went bowling twice during the summer also, it was a lot of fun. High school friends who I hadn’t met for a long time (apart from our online conversations). After the bowling session we had lunch at a near by Tim Hortons/Wendy’s where I managed to bore the hell out of everyone until they left (or made me leave, you’ll hear different versions of this story from different people).

Without further ado, I have created this convenient table which displays the bowling details:

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Average Spares Strikes

Adnan Dum 140 73 97 310 103 3 5
Brian 80 99 76 255 85 2 2
James 78 89 82 249 83 4 2
John 121 82 73 276 92 3 3
Gary 90 61 46 197 65 3 0
Kevin 80 77 60 217 72 1 2

Now you maybe asking yourself why I’m listed as “Adnan Dum”, let’s just say we didn’t think the “b” would fit.

I love bowling, you may be thinking, “Well that’s because he has the highest score (if that is indeed the true score)”. But I tell you that I don’t just love bowling because I won, but that is the main reason.

There was a point on the last “throw” of the game, I got 3 strikes in a row. Thank you very much.

My friends are great:
Gary:Hey Adnan, how come everytime I see you you’re wearing that Tommy shirt?
Brian: Because he only has one shirt!

I try not to make it too obvious, sometimes I black out the two “mm”s.

Anyway, I has a wonderful time.

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