February 27, 2007 Posts

The Departed

[IMDB Departed Link]

This movie rocked. Literally.

The only Scorsese movie I saw before this was “The Aviator”, which was a good movie. But it wasn’t a great movie.

The Departed was a great movie. A good plot, acted out by very good actors. Mind you, I’m not a big fan of Jack Nicholson or Leonardo DiCaprio. I am however a big fan of Matt Damon. But they all delivered great performances.

Definately deserving of it’s Oscar victories.

If I had the time, I would definately go see it again.


[IMDB Link FireFly]

Firefly was the awesomest television show ever. It’s a shame it was canceled after just 14 or so episodes.

The show is set in the future where people have moved to a separate solar system and travel from planet to planet using space ships and all.

What I liked about the show is how real it keeps itself. There are no aliens. The conflict is between man and man (and some women, actually plenty women).

There’s comedy, drama, plot and character development all blended so well you won’t know what hit you. The way the show was filmed was wonderful as well. In fact, I believe shows like Arrested Development and Battlestar Galactica learned lessons from the way Firefly was filmed because I see so many similarities.

My favourite episode is probably ‘Out of Gas’. It has that quote, “Everybody dies alone.”

Poetry in motion.