30 Rock or How Tina Fey Is My Hero

This is simply a very very good show. It makes me laugh out loud. Though it did take about 3 episodes for me to really start laughing, but after that, it’s a hoot. I also like the opening/ending music and the background music.

The show was recommended by a classmate but I knew I wanted to watch it due to Tina Fey’s recent SNL appearances.

It must be super awesome to be the creator, producer, writer and star on your own television show. Wow. And you still find time to entertain millions by impersonating politicians who resemble you. Tina Fey, you are my hero.

You really should watch the show, it’s clever and funny.

Pushing Daisies

The facts are these: if you love food and colour, you will love Pushing Daisies.

Pushing Daisies is about a pie maker who has an unusual gift. If he touches the dead, the dead come back to life. But if he touches them again, they are dead forever. If he leaves the dead living for over a minute, then someone else must die (randomly chosen by a proximity thing).

Due to certain events, Ned, the pie maker, teams up with a private detective and they use Ned’s gift to determine to conditions under which certain homicides occured, then collect the rewards. One such reward collection venture sees Ned bringing back to life his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte. She lives past the minute, interestingness ensues.

They can’t touch.

Pushing Daisies is awesome because it has a very unique style of presentation. All the episodes are full of colours and (ironically) life. I totally love the long-winded conversations between Ned and Chuck, their words wander, confuse, then come full circle to make sense. And then it hits you, this is a very very good show.

If you’re not watching it, you’re missing out.


I love Life.

Life is about a police officer who is framed for multiple murders he didn’t commit. After being imprisoned for 11 or so years Charlie is released based on DNA evidence. Although his settlement $$ is more than enough for him to continue his life, He re-joins the police force as a detective.

I love Life because it’s intelligent and witty. Charlie’s adoptation of Zen is awesome because it spawns beautiful dialogue between him and his partner (who has her own issues).

I think if I could realign myself after television characters, I’d try and be a cross between Gregory House and Charlie Crews.

Absolutely brilliant!


[IMDB Link FireFly]

Firefly was the awesomest television show ever. It’s a shame it was canceled after just 14 or so episodes.

The show is set in the future where people have moved to a separate solar system and travel from planet to planet using space ships and all.

What I liked about the show is how real it keeps itself. There are no aliens. The conflict is between man and man (and some women, actually plenty women).

There’s comedy, drama, plot and character development all blended so well you won’t know what hit you. The way the show was filmed was wonderful as well. In fact, I believe shows like Arrested Development and Battlestar Galactica learned lessons from the way Firefly was filmed because I see so many similarities.

My favourite episode is probably ‘Out of Gas’. It has that quote, “Everybody dies alone.”

Poetry in motion.

falling behind…

It’s Saturday, and I haven’t watched much television all week. This is the most I’ve fallen behind.

Shows I haven’t watched:
Battlestar Galactica


(there was no House this week)
The Office

Shows I haven’t watched that I have a hard time admitting to in public:
Veronica Mars

Grey’s Anatomy


I’ve seen every single episode of all the shows above otherwise.

The only show I’ve seen this week is Heroes. That’s the one that matters most anyway.