DateJuly 19, 2008

tera naam

bhatakti nigahen
woh rahaa dhoondti hai
asmaan dhoondti hai
dektho to
saara jahaan dhoondti hai
par meri aanhkein
sirf teri aaha dhoondti hai

bhatakti nigahen
woh jaam dhoondti hai
sar-e-aam dhoondti hai
jeetne ko
koi eenaam dhoondti hai
par meri aankhein
sirf tera naam dhoondti hai


my old memories
are long gone and
i cannot make memories
for more than a day

every book i read
is like deja vu
a faint thread
a slight sense of connection
but that too falls
my memory fails me
but brings me
a new day everyday

in ways it is good
i can cry today
and not remember tomorrow
but i can love today
and not remember tomorrow
that thought hurts me today
but will not hurt me tomorrow

i am reborn every day
a reminder of death from yesterday

movies alone

i prefer watching movies alone. because it’s easier that way. it makes more sense.

try getting 5 or 6 people together for a movie. schedules have to match, you all have to want to see the movie, have to buy multiple tickets. it’s too much work.

not only that, but when you watch a movie, you just watch the movie. you’re not going to be looking at the people around you, or conversing with them. at least not during the act of watching the movie.

me: “oh, i’m going to see XYZ movie this weekend”
person: “oh yeah, with whom?”
me: “ummm… i’m going alone”
[awkward looks from person]

what? if i want to spend time with people, i’ll sit and talk, go to a restaurant, or even go bowling. if i want to see a movie, i’d rather go alone.

a friend sent a group email this week, wanting to know if we wanted to see The Dark Knight. i’ve been meaning to see Batman Begins for a while. but never really got to it. so this seems like a good excuse. but really, i have nothing against anyone, i’d just prefer to go alone. i’m going this time though. only because i actually really want to catch up on Christian Bale’s Batman, and it’s directed by the director of Memento (which is an awesome movie that you should watch).

the last time i went with a group of people to watch a movie was The Prestige, that was sometime in 2006, over a year ago. and then i went to see it alone. because, you know… i wanted to see the movie. and it was that good (if you haven’t seen it already, you should, why haven’t you?). incidentally Christian Bale was also in The Prestige, Christian Bale is a very good actor(go watch: Equilibrium and The Machinist). the only other time i went to see a movie twice was the matrix reloaded, i couldn’t believe how bad it was, so i went again to make sure. Carrie-Anne Moss was in both the Matrix and Memento. see how all this is connected? there is a greater force at work here.

point is, if i’m watching a movie. the fewer people the better. preferably none (except me).

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