tera naam

bhatakti nigahen
woh rahaa dhoondti hai
asmaan dhoondti hai
dektho to
saara jahaan dhoondti hai
par meri aanhkein
sirf teri aaha dhoondti hai

bhatakti nigahen
woh jaam dhoondti hai
sar-e-aam dhoondti hai
jeetne ko
koi eenaam dhoondti hai
par meri aankhein
sirf tera naam dhoondti hai

One thought on “tera naam”

  1. hmm… this one in angraizi is a bit harder…

    it’s almost easier to go from english to urdu, almost anything will seem poetic in urdu. =)

    and no, there is no complete version. though, someday, i may write one…

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