DateJuly 28, 2008

i am here, again

so firstly, i’m not in pakistan. i’m here.

secondly, i’m here again. what does that mean?

that means i am, once again, thinking of writing a blogging program.

“why would you engage in such madness adnan?”, you ask.

“because madness engages me”, i respond. and i assure you that i’m just as confused by the response as you are.

but in part seriousness… the nature of blogging used to be simpler. if you had a one liner, you’d blog. if you had a link to share, you’d blog. if you had a long piece to write, you’d blog. if you had to rant, you’d blog.

now, we have different tools to do each. i don’t fancy this. twitter for one liners and updates, tumblr for links, blog for long posts… meh. no. it’s too complex, too many logins, too much work. i need simple and minimal.

the blog needs to do all that. while i can just blog the links and updates and what not, the presentation of that information isn’t exactly friendly to the way it is absorbed and consumed. i know what i mean in my mind, so i won’t even explain it.

oddly enough, and as many will attest, it doesn’t get simpler/minimaler than nothing. but i keep coming back. for one reason or another.

if i knew i could stay away, i would. but i can’t. no really, i can’t. i haven’t blogged like this since… since forever.

so, as it were, i am… here… again. hello.

you complete me

“What would I do without you?… you… you complete me!”, says the Joker to the Batman.

Let me start off my saying that I’m itching to go see it again.

Christopher Nolan is beyond genius, he is gifted. In both script writing and direction (and editing I’m sure). This movie was mind-numbingly good.

Beyond just a super-hero movie, it was one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in a long time. I was constantly on the edge of my seat.

I saw Batman Begins the night before and I liked it a lot. But The Dark Knight just took it up several notches.

Aaron Eckhart was very good. I liked him in “Thank You For Smoking” as well. I think I’ll look up more Eckhart movies. Oh, I absolutely loved the Two-Face look. Magnificent! The thought that went into the design of this thing. Unreal. Blew me away.

Heath Ledger was superb. And very soon I’ll run out of adjectives. Just a brilliant performance. I do wonder though whether he will win any awards simply on account of him being not alive. Would he have otherwise? I think he was great and definitely worthy of winning awards for this performance. The look and feel and the nature of the man… was just creepy. The delivery of the lines was slow and methodical when it needed to be, and crazy to boot.

I didn’t notice Katie Holmes was gone. Maggie is a better actor no doubt, but it’s not like that character had much depth in the first place.

Christian Bale was Christian Bale.

Again, Nolan is a mastermind. The movie is very fast paced and the tension is very well placed. As I said, I was on the edge of my seat.

If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. Watch Batman Begins right before it for the best experience. I’m itching to go see it again.


p.s. i am never going to see a movie with you again. it’s over.


absolutely fabulous! =D

I like stories that depict the future in certain ways. Immediately my mind starts to assess the gaps and realize how close we actually are to such a future. No matter how many times, no matter how many movies this happens in, I can’t help but have this visceral reaction to seeing a sparsely populated planet Earth.

Wall-E starts off with exactly that future. Empty. Desolate. Lone. Void of any organic life. I loved it!

Without actually giving out any details, I think the movie could have ended about 5 minutes before it did. And if it did, it would have taken the movie to an entirely different level. But I understand this is a Disney movie targeting children. I have come to terms with this.

Oh, one of the things I noticed during the movie was that I was laughing a good 2 to 3 seconds before everyone else. Either I was seeing into the movie more than was there, or everyone else was just slow that day.

Yes, if you haven’t seen it, you should go see it.


p.s. thanks for asking me out to see it. besides just talking about it, i might not have actually gone to see it otherwise.

And although this art is so wonderful, still it is held in no honor… The reasons are various, it seems to me; first, the art is concerned with useless matters; second, it is practiced by men of low degree.

  • G. Cardano on card tricks, De Subilitate, 1554

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