i am here, again

so firstly, i’m not in pakistan. i’m here.

secondly, i’m here again. what does that mean?

that means i am, once again, thinking of writing a blogging program.

“why would you engage in such madness adnan?”, you ask.

“because madness engages me”, i respond. and i assure you that i’m just as confused by the response as you are.

but in part seriousness… the nature of blogging used to be simpler. if you had a one liner, you’d blog. if you had a link to share, you’d blog. if you had a long piece to write, you’d blog. if you had to rant, you’d blog.

now, we have different tools to do each. i don’t fancy this. twitter for one liners and updates, tumblr for links, blog for long posts… meh. no. it’s too complex, too many logins, too much work. i need simple and minimal.

the blog needs to do all that. while i can just blog the links and updates and what not, the presentation of that information isn’t exactly friendly to the way it is absorbed and consumed. i know what i mean in my mind, so i won’t even explain it.

oddly enough, and as many will attest, it doesn’t get simpler/minimaler than nothing. but i keep coming back. for one reason or another.

if i knew i could stay away, i would. but i can’t. no really, i can’t. i haven’t blogged like this since… since forever.

so, as it were, i am… here… again. hello.

5 thoughts on “i am here, again”

  1. hi (:

    welcome back to here.
    and when will this blogging program be ready?
    … or is it like my eternally evolving essay/s?

  2. dude, the only reason this blog exists at all is because of my fascination with making blogging software.

    all the times i’ve brought the blog back, has been because i started another misguided attempt to make a blogging program. every single time.

    this is what is known in the software world as ‘vapourware’. all talk, no reality.

    lekin, kuch to bahana hona hai na? yeh mera bahana hai.

    just wait till i import 2005, hah.

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