DateOctober 12, 2008

30 Rock or How Tina Fey Is My Hero

This is simply a very very good show. It makes me laugh out loud. Though it did take about 3 episodes for me to really start laughing, but after that, it’s a hoot. I also like the opening/ending music and the background music.

The show was recommended by a classmate but I knew I wanted to watch it due to Tina Fey’s recent SNL appearances.

It must be super awesome to be the creator, producer, writer and star on your own television show. Wow. And you still find time to entertain millions by impersonating politicians who resemble you. Tina Fey, you are my hero.

You really should watch the show, it’s clever and funny.

less is actually really less, but there are some who interpret it as being somewhat more than it actually really is. in short, less is more… more or less…

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