MonthFebruary 2010


I can barely chew gum and walk at the same time. Sometimes walking is hard even when I’m not chewing gum.

mera kaam

chup chaap bhaithe raho kehte ho,
wahaan likha hai khade hona haraam hai.

kyun mila te ho paani mein zeher
aur pesh karte ho ke jaam hai?

kyun banke qatil-e-ishq, kehte ho
mebhoob ki bahoon mein araam hai?

kyun manate ho azaadi ka aaj jasn,
jab asliat mein aaj tanhaai ki shaam hai?

kyun rastoon pe todh ke patthar, phir kehte ho
yeh zakhm meri nakaami ka anjaam hai?

kyun mujhe chodte nahin, zaalim,
teri duniya mein mera kya kaam hai?

i need an eye scanner

and i fear that this moment
too quickly withers and dies.
and i wonder if you see in mine
what i see in your eyes.

Well, I’ll be damned! And so will you.

Sometimes I will ask people how they are doing just to remind them how they are doing.

People have small imaginations, the world is pretty big.

saying it again won’t help either

while you do mean what you say,
what you say doesn’t mean anything.

I once made a decision, but then I undecided.

in response to cummings

i, too, saw dreams.
but then i did,
and my doing did more than my dreams ever did.

coca cola – open happiness

Really? Open happiness? Fuck you, Coke.

that, and the postage costs were unbearable

i wrote you a series of letters
that i never sent to you.
i recently burned them
and it felt good.
well, i rolled ‘em into joints
and smoked them.
which is probably why
it felt so good.

zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

i drive fairly safe,
though i still constantly fear
that my brakes will fail

kindness haiku redux

old lady insists
for me to remain seated
my stop passes by

i totally dig you

whatever you want
to call that spade
is irrelevant.
you are still
digging your grave
with it.

sans apologie

you are still
and i am still

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