b is for bad poetry

A couple of friends gifted me “B is for Bad Poetry” in order to commemorate the anniversary of my birth. This is a fantastic book. Witty, hilarious, crazy, stupid and bad. All balled into a book. I recommend this to anyone who is not a “OMG!!! that’s not poetry because the metres are all off! NO WAY! DIE NON-TRADITIONAL POETRY!” type person.

Inspired by the poems in this book, I’ve tried to follow in its footsteps. This is not to say what I wrote before wasn’t bad. I’m sure it is. The thought that allows me to share what I’ve written is believing that what I have written is bad. But moreover, all of what is written is bad. If I tried to achieve some sort of standard of “good”, it would be very unlikely that I would write anything, and if I did, it would be highly unlikely that I would share it. Lest it not be “good”. I simply can’t be bothered trying to be good in this matter.

I will post a series of lines that follow in the style of what is in “B is for Bad Poetry”. I’ve posted most of these on facebook, but some of them I have not. And yes, these lines will probably be no different than those before.


and as much as we like to declare
what is wrong and what is right
the eyes can only see
as much as there is light.
so carry with yourself a flashlight
or a torch in your mind,
and turn it on
from time to time.
it’s not surprising to be lost
driving without headlights
as we approach the night.
while you may even wander into the mystical deep,
a walk is not a walk when we walk while we sleep.
it’s okay.
it’s okay to sleep now.
and it’s okay to wake
every now and then.