DateMarch 18, 2010


What would advertising be like if the world were blind?

Me: You remember that time you fell down? And then you said, “I’m not hurt,” even though you were really hurt.
Person: Yeah.
Me: That’s why I don’t believe anything you say.

What I don’t like about sadness is that I feel it in my heart.

Opinions are like ass-holes, everyone’s got one. Some smellier than others.

Ideas are a dime a dozen and I’m out of dimes.

I want to talk to someone about nothing in particular and then particularly about nothing.

People use Twitter to tell people that they said something.

Me: Wow, Lee, nice threads.
Lee: I had this jacket made for me in Korea for thirty dollars.
Me: Can I have it?
Lee: No! It was made for me. It fits me perfectly.
Me: You sure I can’t have it?
Lee: Yeah, you can’t have it.
Me: Well, doesn’t hurt to ask, eh?
Lee: No. Doesn’t hurt to ask.
Me: Actually, that’s not true. You could possibly hurt or offend someone.
Lee: Let’s put this another way: if you don’t ask you don’t get.
Me: You know there are other ways. If you don’t steal you don’t get. If you don’t abduct you don’t get. Asking isn’t the only option.

You speak of growing up as if it were in the past.

Don’t let not knowing any better prevent you from doing any better.

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