MonthApril 2011

Every second increases the span of your life.

Everybody seems to know what nobody wants.

A lot of what they teach in business school is bullshit, turns out that bullshit is actually very useful in the business world.

When someone says that you’re worth your weight in gold, they’re saying that gold is worth more than you.


One of my main goals in life is to not be the worst person ever. But I’m not even too bothered about that. If I succeed at it, that’s nice. If I don’t, oh well.


koi to matlab se
sab matlabi hai yahaan.
koi to nazar se
sab ajnabi hai yahaan.


[literally]( en&q=literally&hl=en&aq=f)

Given the first two listed meanings:
“I literally died,” literally means “I did not actually literally die.”

Go figure.

Well, it would have been honest if it were true.

person: That type of thinking will get you no where in life.
me: But I am already here.

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