Toronto Star article : Eves promises cash for schools, hospitals

I don’t understand this type of politics. Shouldn’t the elected parties do the things that the citizens want them to do? And not do things of their own whims and fancies?
I don’t get it. When Mike Harris was there we get one type of message, and when Ernie Eves comes, we get a different message. Shouldn’t each individual MPP vote according to the wishes of his/her constituents, and not just follow the party line?
But it seems that Canadian political parties are based solely upon the decisions of the leader and the cabinet. The opinions of the citizens aren’t properly heard.
Mike says less cash for schools and hospitals. Ernie says more cash for schools and hospitals. Where was the public involvement in this? Why weren’t our cries heard when Mike Harris was premier?
Elections are in one year I hear, and Ernie is preparing for that. He’s seasoning the voters, “Vote for me, I have nice hair, and I’ll give more money to schools and hospitals. And after I’m elected for sure, I’ll do whatever the hell I please!!! Muahahhahaha”

Well he didn’t say that, but he might as well have.

Here’s an article I wrote way back, and I posted it on a couple of message boards this January: ARTICLE

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