These are pictures of the plaque to which names of the winner of the Reach For The Top Competition that happened with in the school.

The competition is based on general knowledge and quickness of the hand. Four members of the team can compete at one time. So if the team has 8 players, only 4 can be in the game at one time. There are three rounds. Players may switch only between rounds.

The QuizMaster asks a question, and the players must “buzz in”, by press the button on their “buzzer”. The player who buzzed in must answer the question within 5 seconds. If not, then the other team gets a shot at the question.

The with the higher score wins (duh!!!).

There were two divisions with 8 teams each. A team plays all other teams in their division. The standing of the team decides their standing in the playoffs. Everyone makes the playoffs. This is the elimation round. One loss and you’re out.

In the year 2000-2001, my last year of high school. The team I was in won.

But why am I posting this now you ask. One year after the event has happened? This is because the year that we won this in was a year where the teachers had gone on a partial strike. They refused to run any extra-curricular activities.

My friends and I contacted the teacher who usually ran the Reach League. We offered to run the league, manage the teams, schedules, annoucements etc etc…

The budget was low, but we were able to muster enough money to get the questions package.

During the year, I was the quizmaster for more than 85% of the games. We got to the finals and won. yaay…

Usually, each player in the winning team would either get a medal or a plaque to keep, and have their names engraved in the plaque that resides in the school.

However, in our case, we didn’t even get it engraved that year. Budget restrictions and the teachers strike. The strike ended, and this year the plaque was engraved. These photos are recent.

Each member of the winning team this year got their personal trophies. But I have these pictures to show. 🙂

What matters is that we won.

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