I’m starting to have somewhat of a DVD collection,

I’ll list the movies here:

Malcolm X

based on the autobiography of Malcolm X, played by Denzel Washington.

Muhammad Ali – The Whole Story

A biography of Muhammad Ali, includes many of his fights, interviews with Ali and his trainers. Goes through his boxing career and through his important fights. Of course it also covers the whole Vietnam fiasco.
This is a two DVD set.


loosely based on the comic book, Spidey is played by Tobie Maguire. An entertaining movie. Two DVDs, with lots of extras.

Back To The Future

All 3 DVDs, features “The Making of…” episodes and tons of extras.
I loved the movies as a kid, had a huge fascination with time travel. Still do.


Yes, all three movies are on one DVD. Quality is pretty good. Company is my all time favourite movie. And it was coupled with Saathiya, which I also liked, so it was hard to resist.
Company by far is the best movie I have seen, no questions asked. Perfect direction, flawless acting, and a good ending.

I might do a detailed review on these movies later on, and maybe even come up with a DVD wishlist… heh…

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