Okay so here I am in Karachi, Pakistan. The country where everybody trusts everybody, except for everybody.

It’s been very hectic since there’s so many places to go, banks, stock exchange place, hospital etc etc… Only 3 days!

I may or may not get to meet Uzer. I hope I do.

So everyday when I come back home, I have to peel off the layer of pollution on my face. If you breathe with your nose, you can smell the pollution, and if your mouth is open you can taste it.

Kudos to the folks who came up with the Green Bus idea and kudos to those who make it work. A pollution free ride to wherever you are going. Amen.
I’ve yet to ride the oh so colourful busses. I don’t intend to either.

I would be able to do more stuff had I more time. But that’s the way the world turns.

7 thoughts on “Pakistan”

  1. i was so confused.
    i read this earlier in googlereader, then clicked over to comment but got an error message. and i was going to send you harassing IMs saying, ‘why did you delete the pakistan post?! vy so topsecret?!’

    and also: ‘3 days in pakistan only?!’

    okay, but never mind all that now.
    but: did you get to meet uzer, though?

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