the debate of the provincial party leaders was on today at 6:30PM. I was able to catch most of it, except the last bit.

I would really like to vote for the NDP, but I know for sure they’re not going to win. But I still would out of principle like to vote NDP. But my riding is PC, and if I vote liberal and it’ll help oust the PC member (who is an alumni of my former high school) I’ll do it.

So liberal it is. Buddy Dalton there seemed prepared for this debate, spoke confidently and didn’t stutter as much as he did in the 99 debate. Ernie sounded boring and if he was the only one there, he’d put everyone to sleep. Howard there kept reiterating how Dalton and Ernie were so much alike, he mentioned it one time too many, for my liking anyway. Howard Hampton didn’t do such a good job of looking into the camera and speaking, his eyes kept wandering and he was stuttering more than anyone else (atleast the parts of the debate I saw).

As much as I would like a 10% decrease in tuition fees and what not, I know the NDP will not win. As my friend Kevin said, we needs a gradual change towards the left. And voting Liberals will get us a step towards that direction. If the Liberals win this time, my next vote will most definately be NDP, unless I do an about swing and become right-wing…

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