I voted today.

I drove into the public school, well I actaully parked the car in the parking lot.
Then I made my way to the gym, where the polling stations were setup.

I registered myself, because I wasn’t registered before. Then headed off to the box where I’m supposed to put my ballot. The lady there handed me the ballot, it was folded. While she was explaining to me what I was supposed to do, I started doing what any other normal human being would do with a folded piece of paper, I started to unfold it. I was quick told not to do so in front of them. It’s my first time I told them. I had to go to this place where I could vote without anyone seeing who I vote for. So I did. I came back and put my vote in the box.

All done, my first time voting for anything political.
I changed my decision, I posted a few days ago that I would vote liberal in hopes of ousting the PC MP in my riding. But then that would be really throwing my vote away, if I didn’t vote for who I wanted to vote for. I wanted to vote for someone, not against someone. So I voted NDP. I don’t care if the PC candidate wins again here as long I gave my vote to the party I wanted to.

Now when I see the tabulated results in my riding, the number beside the candidate I voted for will include my vote. that’s neat.

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