insane in the…

Q: if you select the minimum baud rate for the keyboard but the CPU only works at 19.2Kbps then do you have to write a new service routine? Why or why not? Explain briefly.

A: No, handshaking.

Is that brief enough for you?

Doesn’t matter, I didn’t have enough time anyway. I don’t even know if the answer is right.

The midterm (test) had questions that were extremely time consuming… no time left to “Explain briefly.”, or even understand the question.

The last midterm for this course had an average of 60%, without normalization.

Why make the second one so difficult? Where doing 50% of the midterm takes up 90% of the time? This is unjust, immoral and inhuman. Not to mention outright insane. I would report this to Amnesty International had they not banned me.

Studying more wouldn’t have helped me, and I can’t be any smarter than I already am.

All in all, I just hope everyone did bad. Amen.

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