On my return to work from vacation, we were playing lunch time poker. Being tired I was being generally serious in the start. Which sparked this conversation:

co-worker: “Adnan, you’re different now. How come you don’t laugh at our jokes anymore?”
me: “I understand them now”


Checking in from Frankfurt on my way back to Toronto.

Nothing too exciting to report, except I was the only one in my line asked to remove my shoes and have them put through the scanner. That after I had been searched and gone past the metal detector.

Fun stuff.


I’m sure it’s widely known now that Uzer’s blog has been non-functional for the last few months (few is an understatement).

I believe it was an attempt at upgrading Movable Type that had caused the blog to go haywire.

In either case, at some point I promised Uzer that I would fix it up. But due to one thing after another I was unable to do so. That is, until today.

So Uzer, I apologize for the delay, but as some saying goes “better late than dead”.

Not too cozy

After having played around a bit with Serendipity, I can’t say that I like it. But it will suffice for now.

Things that I noticed out of the bat:

  1. Doesn’t have a built in blogroll or sidebar link management feature.
  2. Not able to turn off trackbacks and keep comments on.
  3. Not able to edit html or the markup of the pages.
  4. Can’t run multiple blogs from the same admin interface.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad blogging system. I like the simplicity and the anti-comment spam features.
It’s possible that some of what I listed above is available, but I just haven’t found out yet.


New Blog

I got rid of my Movable Type blog a while ago (read: a year or so ago) because of the comment spam, and that I wanted to make my own blogging system.

I didn’t want to just start writing a few php scripts that happened to do the job, I wanted to build the blogging software on top of a frame work that I could also use to do other things.

It so happens that I got started on the framework just recently, this was delayed due to things like work and wasting time. But I decided to use a ready made blogging system.

This is “Serendipity” :

I found out about Serendipity via George Schlossnagle who wrote the best PHP book I’ve read so far (and I’ve read quite a few): Advanced PHP Programming. It’s worth every penny.

I feel rather awkward bringing the blog back, because no one visits this site anymore.

I’ll probably be keeping this blogging software until (read: if) I build my own. And I’ll probably continue to posts “Adnanisms” here as well.