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I got rid of my Movable Type blog a while ago (read: a year or so ago) because of the comment spam, and that I wanted to make my own blogging system.

I didn’t want to just start writing a few php scripts that happened to do the job, I wanted to build the blogging software on top of a frame work that I could also use to do other things.

It so happens that I got started on the framework just recently, this was delayed due to things like work and wasting time. But I decided to use a ready made blogging system.

This is “Serendipity” :

I found out about Serendipity via George Schlossnagle who wrote the best PHP book I’ve read so far (and I’ve read quite a few): Advanced PHP Programming. It’s worth every penny.

I feel rather awkward bringing the blog back, because no one visits this site anymore.

I’ll probably be keeping this blogging software until (read: if) I build my own. And I’ll probably continue to posts “Adnanisms” here as well.

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