Who am I talking to?

So I call fido’s *46 number to refill my pay-as-you-go plan.

As what normally happens I expected to press 2 to refill my account and press whatever combination of numbers to pay via credit card etc etc.

However this time I’m greeted by someone who identifies herself as ‘Andrea’. Okay.
I just wanted in to punch in the numbers and get my account re-filled. Instead I have Andrea ask me if I want to refill my account.

So I did the natural thing and said “What’s your name again?”.
“Umm, I didn’t get that. Please say yes or no.”, was the response I got. Dandy.

I liked the touchtone number punched automated customer service machines. Voice activated customer service machines make me feel stupid. I’m saying “yes” or “no” to a machine here. Over my cell phone.

But atleast now I have someone who will always talk to me when I feel lonely. Even if she doesn’t get what I’m saying.

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