Pirates of the Caribbean Series

[Curse of the Black Pearl] [Dead Man’s Chest] [At Worlds End]

Okay, I’m getting as many opinion pieces on movies as I can while the Oscar buzz in my brain lasts.

Pirates! I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud so hard in a theatre before (Dead Man’s Chest), (I saw the first one on DVD).

I know I will instantly like “At Worlds End”. This is not like the Matrix where everything gets ruined by the sequels. I liked “Dead Man’s Chest” as much as I liked “Curse of the Black Pearl”. In fact, “Dead Man’s Chest” had more piraty stuff than the first one. If you’ve played the Monkey Island games back in the day, you know what I’m talking about. The wheel fighting scene is an example of this… hahaha.

Plus, there’s Johnny Depp. I’ve been told I have a man crush on Johnny Depp. This is true.

This is the movie that makes me want to say “savvy” and “love” at the end of my sentences, even when they don’t really apply.

I’ve seen both movies multiple times, and each time is worth it.

Anyone who dislikes any part of this series is clearly not intelligent… and clearly they’ve never been to Singapore.

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